Free Multichain Tools for NFT Communities

Easily manage your collabs, allowlist allocation and token-gated community with Subber's suite of tools.









Pre-Mint Management

Take your NFT project from zero to mint day.

Allowlist & Wallet Collection

Manage your pre-mint allowlist allocations and see incoming collab requests.


Manage project's presales and create presales for other communities to buy your premint.

Post-Mint Community & Collab Management

Get access to upcoming mints, request collabs, and manage your team.

Collab Manager

Manage your giveaways, view incoming allowlist offers, and external collab offers.

Discord Bot

Manage Subber Discord bot to post giveaways, winners, collab offers to Discord.

Customizing the Community

Making the community shine with their own branding and colors.

Memberlist with Twitter following

Your community can easily follow all other verified holders.

Token-Gated Posts

Publish and manage curated token-gated content for your community.

Team Management

Manage your team members ability to create content for your community.

The Subber NFT Collections

These allow you to Boost and unlock perks for yourself and your community!

10,000 K3Ys onSolana

10,000 Freakz onEthereum

Minting April 10

Booster Benefits

Unlock access to a premium experience for NFT enthusiasts.

  • Personal Giveaways Dashboard
  • Subber Discord Community Access
  • Access to projects using Subber Allowlists
  • Access to projects using Subber Presales
  • Increase chances in Subber's exclusive giveaways with Boosts
  • Get Boost Streak Rewards
  • Optional RT/QT Requirements for 10+ Boosters

As we continue to build and expand, we'll improve the benefits for our Boosting holders!