Dive Dolphins


Dive Dolphins



Dive Network

We are building a network of web3 spaces that act as local access points for the community.

With our first bar underway, we continue to lay the groundwork to a larger network that is accessible and enjoyable for everyone; with exclusive rewards to our members no matter where they live.

Having 3 locations in contract and a handful of active partners, we are excited to build an ecosystem that is valuable both for our members and partnered brands.

Dolphin Perks


Receive early rewards from our partners looking to connect and activate users in deeper, more meaningful ways.


Gain access to a network of valuable builders, leaders, and enjoyoors looking to build authentic connections both online and offline.


Serving as the headquarters for our community and outpost for many others, members can look forward to a variety of IRL opportunities from complimentary drinks to exclusive mints and claims.

Meet Pod

Proven Operators

From creating high quality experiences at Michelin star restaurants and large scale commercial properties to leading top web3 brands in the space, our team has a proven track record of success in both the digital and physical world. 

After 2 years of building, we are excited to bring you into the world of Dive Dolphins!

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