Mdx Insight - zkSync Analyser Tool

Mdx Insight - zkSync Analyser Tool


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What is the Purpose of MDx Insight Company?

Our goal in establishing the company is to address a significant community gap within the Zk network. We noticed that the ZkSync ecosystem lacks a robust DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) framework, and we did not approach the establishment of this DAO with a simple plan. Working with our team of developers, we identified a significant utility gap. There are also many widely misunderstood concepts within the ZkSync ecosystem. We are confident that we can rectify these misconceptions and provide accurate information to the community. Additionally, we trust our network, so we will ensure that the correct information is conveyed to you. We are also excited to introduce our first product, Migra Tool, to you.

What is Migra Tool? What Does it Do?

Migra Tool enables you to make the most accurate moves for airdrop operations within the ZkSync ecosystem. For example, regardless of your actions, you will surpass most users. You can quickly and easily learn this on our website. The general benefits of Migra Tool are as follows:

  • Conducting ecosystem analysis
  • Monitoring fund inflows and active time frames
  • Observing rare transactions (transactions that will put you one step ahead)
  • Evaluating your wallet status based on other airdrop criteria
  • Tracking the important thoughts of the team (Space-DC-Twitter Comments)
  • Discovering airdrop opportunities within the ZkSync ecosystem

As you know, after an airdrop is announced, there is a significant influx of funds into the ecosystem. In fact, many projects considering token issuance do not currently have tokens within the ZkSync ecosystem. These opportunities are often overlooked by very few people. You will be one of those rare individuals. We will ensure that you receive the highest payoff. One of the simplest examples is SyncSwap launching a token - is there anyone unaware of this? How many opportunities like this do you think there are?

You will learn all of these. In the future, we will present the beta version of our website to you. This way, you will know what you have.

This is a brief introduction, but we will discuss much more detail when the whitepaper and roadmap are released. Have a great day.

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