Booster Benefits

Unlock more access and features by holding and Boosting Subber's NFTs.

All Boosters

Personalized Home Feed:

  • Giveaways, Upcoming Mints, and Wallet Collections all in one place

Boost Rewards:

  • Allowlists can reward their Boosters with spots.

Boost Deals:

  • Deals from projects that reward Boosters.
  • View Deals ->

Subber Discord Community Access

Bypass Captcha Checks

Weekly Mashy.xyx Credits Airdrop

Multiply chances in Subber's exclusive Giveaways

  • 1+ Boosts = 1 Raffle Ticket
  • 10+ Boosts = 10 Raffle Tickets
  • 25+ Boosts = 25 Raffle Tickets
  • 50+ Boosts = 50 Raffle Tickets
  • 100+ Boosts = 100 Raffle Tickets

10+ Boosters

Auto-Enter Giveaways + Skip Tasks

  • Automatically enter giveaways of your selected communities
  • Join Discords only when winning
  • Skip 𝕏 Retweets, Likes, Follows, etc.

For Communities

Increase Exposure on Subber

  • Higher ranking across Communities, Upcoming Mints, and Collab Center

Reward Your Boosters

  • Give access to exclusive allowlists, giveaways, and more

Discounts on Paid Features

  • More Boosts = discounts on paid features such as presale fees.

How does Boosting work?

Boosting is a soft staking mechanism, so the NFT never leaves your wallet. You can Boost any K3Y or Freak you own.

For each community that you're a member of (hold their NFT or Discord Role) you can:

  • Boost the community with an Unboosted K3Y
  • Transfer your Boost from another community*
    *Unlocks after 7 day cool-down period.

Boost Tiers

Each K3Y & Freak tier has different Boosting power:

Classic K3Y or Freak1 Boost
Rare K3Y or Freak3 Boosts
Legendary K3Y or Freak9 Boosts
1/1 Freakz15 Boosts